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You are about to join the movement of low consumption beauty and wellbeing. Fewer products, multipurpose formulations, products that last longer and formulations that are efficient in terms of the planet's resources.

Best of all - they really work, so you feel better & look great. How good does that sound!

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Unique Technology

For Transformation

From the wisdom of more than 15 years of medical research we bring unique technology that harnesses the power of New Zealand's natural ingredients.  Our rigorous science based approach supports your transformation at the cellular level.

Scientifically Validated | Naturally Beautiful 

A (w)Holistic Approach

More than Skin deep

We believe health and beauty are inextricably linked. That there is a synchronicity between how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. Our approach has been designed to work from the inside out and the outside in to support a sense of energy, well-being and feeling beautiful. 

Beautiful Inside | Beautiful Outside

Clinically Crafted

Proven Results

Dermatologically tested and clinically proven we have the science behind the potion. Hydrated skin cells,  free radical fighters and collagen repair systems to support ageing in your own time.

Age Proof | Radiantly You

Wake Up

Feeling Beautiful Everyday

Night Renewal

Te Wai Pounamu

From Alps to ocean

We use beautiful, natural ingredients harvested from the Alps to the Ocean of  New Zealand's remarkable South Island. Combined with unique technologies and scientific breakthroughs in skincare and well-being to support you to transform to the best version of you.

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