The New Zealand innovation solving hair loss from pollution

A New Zealand skin, hair and wellness company may have developed the answer to hair loss. Research from the Korean Future Science Research Centre, out this week, has found a link between air pollution and hair loss. Suggestions from the research included not exercising outside. A New Zealand company thinks there is a better solution and has developed a product to protect from pollution-based hair loss.

The Solution - A World First In Scalp Protection

A scalp tonic developed specifically for the scalp and protection of the hair follicle. Distilled from New Zealand wool cortex, the tonic has some impressive international research behind it, with a French laboratory having used an ex-vivo model to study human skin and follicles and the protection effects of Scalp Tonic in a polluted environment.

“Hair loss is a problem that we have been seeing more and more, both in men and women and increasingly at a younger age” says Sub & Tarctic’s co-founder Kimberley Bray. “We had developed an incredible supplement for supporting hair health and hair growth, but wanted something to go with our KeraNourish supplement to protect the hair follicle from the outside. We thought our New Zealand sourced ingredients could do that, and now we have the research to confirm it” says Bray.

The result? The world’s first scalp tonic with this combination of natural ingredients and scientific evidence of hair follicle protection. The Sub & Tarctic scalp tonic nourishes and restores the scalp, protects from hair and scalp stress caused by pollution, provides anti-aging support for the scalp, enables longevity of hair follicle health and relieves scalp discomfort and itching.

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The Research Results:

Sub & Tarctic's Scalp Tonic stimulated skin cells to proliferate up to 160% faster than a placebo, while simultaneously stimulating the expression of collagen's IV and VII, which improved the anchoring of hair follicles. This promoted scalp health through the shedding of dead skin cells and the avoidance of follicle clogging.

The Scalp Tonic reduced the PGE2 response in cells undergoing inflammatory stress by up to 70%. Reducing scalp inflammation, itching and pre-mature hair follicle death. This reduction in PGE2 response enabled maintenance of root nourishment and hair density. The Tonic also protected the scalp from exposure to oxidative stress from pollution, gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.

Results included;

  • 160% increase in cell proliferation
  • 70% reduction in PEG2 (inflammation) response
  • Increased expression of collagen IV and VII
  • Pollution protection through film forming anti-oxidants

The KeraNourish supplement and Scalp Tonic are available online through searching for Sub & Tarctic on and at



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