You or someone you love feeling anxious over COVID-19 or self-isolation? How knitting and mindfulness might be the answer

We’ve been advocates of the mindfulness movement for a long time now, having seen the benefits it can have on our mental and physical states first hand. Now in a time of a global pandemic, we know firsthand the benefits to our heath, immunity and general anxiety levels that having a mindfulness practice is able to have on our own 'state of well'. 

But what if you’re just embarking on your mindfulness journey – or new to the concept altogether? You might be wondering what the key ways are that mindfulness can help you achieve balance, harmony and peace in your life. 

These are the top 5 benefits that mindfulness offers – and they range from the emotional to the physical: 

  • It’s good for your ticker. Studies have shown that engaging in mindfulness activities can be considered an adjunct treatment for coronary disease, while meditation in particular helps keep healthy hearts healthy - increasing your chances of surviving a heart attack.
  • It may decrease cognitive decline. A 2016 study suggests that cognitive stimulation (such as meditation, cognitive stimulation therapy and relaxation training) for patients with Alzheimer’s saw more robust results on cognitive scores than groups that didn’t engage in these activities. A study conducted a year later in 2017 went further to suggest that mindfulness may increase attention and ultimately may mitigate cognitive decline.
  • It may improve your immune response. This is particularly important given that the world is in the grips of a global viral pandemic. Mindfulness exercises may actually positively impact on our immune cells, allowing for faster wound healing, enhanced immune function and improved biomarkers for patients suffering from cancer.
  • It may reduce cell aging. Cells repeatedly divide in response to disease or stress as well as everyday cell function. This is all normal cell behaviour and due to proteins called telomeres which serve to protect cells from ageing. Studies that have been done in this area of human biology indicate that while mindfulness cannot reverse the impact of aging on cells, it can improve – or at the very least enhanced telomere activity in the cells. It’s an important glimmer of hope that might even indicate that the elusive Fountain of Youth might really be found between the pages of your mindfulness colouring book!
  • It may help reduce psychological pain. Mindfulness has proven itself effective in positively impacting our psychological wellbeing – which in turn has a positive impact on our physical health. Not only does mindfulness help us reduce our stress, it equips us to cope with pain, anxiety, depression and stress – the most common symptoms that accompany illness and many chronic conditions.

One of the mindfulness activities that we’ve stumbled across in our journey to mental wellbeing is knitting.

The simple act of focusing our minds on the gently repetitive motions of turning yarn into fabric is quite a meditative process, which is why we’ve teamed up with our friends at The Woven Co. to bring you a self-care pack that combines mental self-care with physical self-care.

We’ve called in the Healthy Bean Daily Ritual Bundle + Knit Kit and in it, you will find everything you need to kickstart (or fuel) your mindfulness journey:

Learn to knit or simply bring the rhythm to your daily routine – it’s the perfect bundle to practice daily self care. 


What other ways do you practice mindfulness? Share them with us below – we’d love to hear about it! And once you’ve gotten your kit, don’t forget to tag us in your progress videos and photos using the #healthybean – we’d love to cheer you on: @subandtarctic