Skincare from New Zealand uses Bio-Technology to Fight Pollution and Premature Ageing

The world health organisation puts the number of people on the planet at risk of excessive air pollution at a whopping 92 percent. While the best outcome for everyone is for a reduction in air pollution, that is going to take affirmative action and time. Until then, a company from New Zealand has combined 15 years of medical research, biotechnology processes, and sustainable natural ingredients like Manuka Honey and natural keratin to craft skin care designed for modern living. The stylish looking range focuses on protecting, nourishing and repairing skin from pollution, free radical and UV damage.

But Sheep Wool for Skin Care?

Sub & Tarctic say the unique technology they are harnessing has a long history with medical researchers in the United States involved in plastic surgery and scientists in New Zealand involved in wool innovation collaborating to develop wound care products for treating some of the most serious and hard to heal skin problems.

The wool, sourced from South Island farms in New Zealand, is cleaned before going through a biotechnology process where the natural keratin proteins and peptides are distilled from the sheep’s wool into a liquid. The resulting high molecular weight proteins are both bioactive (able to exert an effect on the skin) and highly functional.

Wool in its ‘normal’ form has a number of benefits like its breathability, unique moisture retention properties, and is an efficient absorber and filter for particulate pollutants of potentially harmful indoor and outdoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

What’s extraordinary about the patented technology used in the Scotch & Tailor range is that throughout the distillation process, these properties of wool have been maintained.

Delivering Skin Vitality

Urban pollution, especially that containing particulate matter between 2.5 and 10 microns are the main threats to skin health. These fine particles are coated with polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heavy metals and other contaminants and when they come in contact with the skin act as strong oxidizers, generating free radicals in the skin causing collagen and elastin to breakdown.

The result? Cellular damage, dry skin, inflammation and pigmentation (red face or dark spots) which are all signs of a loss of skin vitality and health. Sub & Tarctic formulations have started with the distillation process of natural keratin as their base and then tailored formulations and complimentary ingredients to deal specifically with these skin health issues and return skin to its most vital.

Launching with a small range of 8 products and a gift pack, co- founder Kimberley Bray says “We’ve been really thrilled with the early response. Everyone who has tried the range has been surprised with how much better their skin feels immediately, and how much better it looks as they keep using it.”

Adding, “New Zealand has more sheep than people so the benefits of wool are really something that we have grown up with. It’s great to be able to showcase these benefits in another way with our skincare range. that has been developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading experts in their fields.”