The Art of Stretching

One of our big resolutions this year at the S&T headquarters is to take care of our wellbeing at a deeper level.

While we’re all about nourishing our bodies through natural skincare, we recognise that in order to achieve wellbeing at this deeper level, we need to take care from the inside, out.

And one of the ways that we’re doing that is through the simple art of stretching.

Nothing fancy, nothing that costs money, just a mat on the floor and a few minutes to spare during the day.

The benefits of stretching have long been catalogued by experts and scientists, but it’s become such a wallpaper term (much like “organic” or “sustainable”) that its meaning has lost a bit of its gravitas in the process.

So we thought we’d get back to basics, do our own research and rekindle our relationship with stretching in an effort to unlock its secrets.

And here is what we’ve discovered about this invigorating activity:

  • Our muscles have begun to feel more flexible, as our morning stretch flushes fresh blood throughout the body
  • Our joints have an improved range of motion so we’ve got less aches and pains to contend with as we jump out of bed in the morning
  • Our balance has improved, allowing us to be more dexterous as we move through the day
  • Our minds feel a bit more controlled: the quiet time in the morning spent stretching allows us to think, meditate, plan and formulate ideas
  • We feel buoyed by a sense of accomplishment: doing it consistently every day has made it a daily habit rather than a chore – and seeing the results of a morning stretch translate into a more agile, nimble body makes us want to continue

And the best part about stretching is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or specialized training. You simply find a comfortable position and get to work: standing, sitting or even lying down.

We’ve even found ourselves stretching while we make the first cuppa of the day, while we wait for the kids’ bath to fill up, while we stand in line at the grocery store or bingeing our favourite show on Netflix.

It’s not a stretch to say that our daily stretch has become a coveted part of our daily routine.

Have you given it a go?

What changes have you seen embarking on this journey to deeper self care?