Urban Living & Your Skin

Modern living is loaded with hazards for our skin health, some of them we can control through lifestyle choices, like not lying on the beach covered in tanning oil, or smoking. Others, like environmental pollution, are a bit more difficult to personally control.

While the world is tossing up whether to declare a climate change emergency, it's worth taking another look at air pollution and its effect on not only our skin, but our hair as well with thinning hair and hair loss becoming a leading concern for women over 35. 

So what's the deal with Air Pollution?

Particles in the nanosize range from traffic pollution and smog, cause oxidative stress in the body and particularly on our skin. This oxidation is a major cause of pre-mature aging in our bodies. Because they're small in size, but large in surface per unit mass, pollution nano-particles are highly reactive to our bodies. 

Managing oxidative stress from pollution

When it comes to your skin health, one of the primary goals has to be trying to control free-radicals.

Free-radicals are oxygen atoms missing an electron. Essentially they don't want to be missing the electron, so go looking for one.  To do that they behave like a wrecking ball through your body until they find their electron mate. In this process they'll damage collagen, cause wrinkles and sagging skin, or generate hyper pigmentation and ruddy complexions.

OK - so free-radicals suck, how do I deal with them?

The good news is that nature has an abundance of anti-oxidants to stop free-radicals in their tracks.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C are the champion free-radical fighters . Retinol (a form of vitamin A) does double duty in fighting off free-radicals as well as increasing cell turnover (new skin in, old damaged skin out faster) and ingredients like Manuka Honey and our FK have been shown to provide strong direct anti-oxidant protection as well as boosting the body’s own protection mechanism, leading to improvements in skin health. Both Night Renewal  and Hand & Nail  have been shown to provide incredible anti-oxidant and anti-pollution support. 

These free-radical destroyer missiles aren’t just reserved for your skin, but can cause widespread damage and aging throughout your body. The best approach is to think internal and external in dealing with them. It’s about what you put in your body as much as what you put on your body.

Eating free radicals away

There are heaps foods that are anti-oxidant in nature, what you're after for free radical protection are sacrificial anti-oxidants. They are exactly what they sound like, willing to kamikaze themselves to stop the wrecking ball in its tracks (remember the free-radical molecule is doing a desperate search for a mate). Some skin foods you want to make sure are in your diet and in your skin care are Vitamin E and C, Beta Carotene, Lycopene and Manuka Honey. 

Supplementing for an anti-oxidant boost can provide great results. KeraNourish fortifying blend provides the right amount of cysteine, and the right balance of amino acids required to provide the body with what it needs for strong, healthy hair, skin and nails. An added bonus - it will help with your joint health as well. Look good, feel good, move well.


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