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"Aging is a beautiful process. We gain confidence, we begin to really know ourselves and we are infinitely wiser."

Michelle, 45 (pictured)

Fan of BeautyDiet & Night Renewal 

The speed your body ages at is really down to you, support beautiful skin and wellbeing through time with our (w)holistic approach to beauty.

Daily nourishment for your skin that promotes the right type of collagen production.

Encourage your skin to produce the right types of collagen in the right places. The Sub & Tarctic skin system is rich in vitamins and plant esters to nourish your skin and activate injured keratinocytes, encouraging them to heal faster and produce more of the right type of collagen.

How it works:

  • 160% increase in cell proliferation (boosting collagen production)
  • 25% faster healing to damaged skin
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Provides anti-microbial support
  • Draw moisture to the skin
  • Feed your skin with vital vitamins and minerals

Collagen IV ProductionCollagen VII Production

      Functional and Active Form

      Our technology protects and controls the amino acid Cysteine. This allows cysteine to bond in a special way and maintain the structure of proteins in the body. 

      Cysteine is a component of the antioxidant glutathione . The body also uses cysteine to produce taurine, the so-called “wonder molecule”.

      Boosts the dermal-epidermal junction

      Type IV collagen is the major collagen in the skin present within the dermal-epidermal junction. Skin also contains several minor collagen's that play a critical role in providing integral stability to the skin. One of them is type VII collagen, the major, if not the exclusive, component of anchoring fibrils. 

      Through stimulating an increase in collagen IV and VII production our range supports production of the right collagen's to reduce wrinkles.

      Protect Against Oxidative Stress

      Glutathione is the master antioxidant, protecting skin and hair from oxidative stress. Cysteine is essential for glutathione production, cysteine rich supplements can boost glutathione to prevent oxidative stress.

      Ingestions study shows BeautyDiet boosts cysteine metabolism, boosting glutathione synthesis, increasing liver glutathione levels and boosting endogenous antioxidant defense.

      BeautyDiet boosts the body’s ability to produce structural proteins, heal itself and protect itself from stress induced injury. This is achieved through two important metabolic pathways

        The Taurine Pathway: important for anti-inflammatory response in healing and controlling energy for strong healing, and
      The Glutathione Pathway: essential for cells combating oxidative stress and insult from toxins.

      The amino acid cysteine is the common link between these two pathways. On digestion it is either metabolized to glutathione directly or oxidized to cysteic acid prior to conversion to taurine. BeautyDiet has the highest natural abundance of cysteic acid of any product available as a supplement. This cysteic acid directly boosts the taurine pathway, as well as “sparing” any dietary cysteine from making taurine. This makes the glutathione pathway more effective, as well as directly boosting the glutathione pathway.

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      Everything is connected

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      Everything in our bodies is connected. Radiate vitality and beauty by feeding your body the right nutrients to support your skin from within, while protecting supporting and nourishing from the outside.