Our formulations are developed with a triple action effect. We believe in preventative measures for wellness and develop our range to protect and nourish. We are also conscious of the daily damage that UV and pollution can have on your health. For this reason, we include a repair function, particularly active in our Night Renewal and Scalp Tonic

Eco - Sustainably Sourced

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced from New Zealand's wild natural environment. We have a strong belief in diversified land use for the wellbeing of our planet that we bring to our range that supports your wellness. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute in a positive way to reducing the environmental impact of the decisions that we make. We work with our partners to ensure that their operations are sustainable in nature and contributing positively to our planet. Where possible, we use eco-friendly materials and endeavor to continually reduce the impact of our business.

New Zealand has a unique ecology, developed through isolation. We believe it is important to contribute positively to this ongoing eco-sustainability through our business practices and our relationships with suppliers. As part of this commitment, we maintain full traceability throughout our supply chain, ensuring that we can tell the whole story of the manufacture of our ingredients from farm to face. As a source of natural materials, New Zealand is unsurpassed. 

Results as a Priority

We use ingredients that prioritize results and bio-activity. Everything that goes into our formulations is there for a specific purpose of contributing positively for your wellness. With a deep understanding of the science of wellness, we create formulations with high levels of active ingredients so your don't need to use much to get results that you can see and feel immediately. Our formulations are grounded in clinical research and a history of more than 16 years of medical research.

Animal Welfare

As a manufacturer of natural skincare and wellness products, with Manuka Honey and proteins and peptides extracted from New Zealand sheep wool, we take our ethical responsibility for the welfare of the animals that produce the ingredients we use seriously. Our sheep are raised in a pasture-fed, free-range environment. Our wool is harvested from the sheep twice a year in a process known as shearing (like getting a haircut) which is used to help the sheep stay cool and healthy during the hot New Zealand summer. The animals are not harmed during this process and their wool grows back in time to provide warmth during the winter months.

All our farming suppliers meet the five freedoms of animal welfare, these include;

  • Proper and sufficient food and water
  • Adequate shelter
  • The opportunity to display normal patters of behavior
  • Physical handling in a manner which minimizes the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress
  • Protection from, and rapid diagnosis of, any significant injury or disease.