In 2016 our co-founder, Kimberley Bray, was on what many considered to be the ‘fast track’ to corporate success, listed in the top five Young Executives in New Zealand by Deloitte's. From working in the health sector, where she had been recognised by the Asia Pacific Health Forum for her contributions to improving quality in healthcare – to working in the agriculture sector,  where she was working on solutions to minimise the environmental impacts of farming.

But the pressure eventually took its toll.  "My hair was falling out from the stress, I had constant skin breakouts and eczema and I not only felt unwell – I looked unwell too." says Kimberley, "I literally didn’t know what to do to, but I knew I had to do something. Every possible solution and advice I could find seemed so complex and complicated and trendy, like a Korean 11 step routine, or someone looking insta-perfect with a complex looking breakfast concoction. I just wanted something straightforward to help me."

Taking time out from the corporate world to pursue a Masters Degree, Kimberley started contracting part-time with a medical ingredients company.

"They were 10 minutes drive away from my house, and up until working with them, I had literally never heard of them. I call it serendipity, because meeting them put me back on the path to wellness." she says.

The company had developed a unique way of processing keratin, and after more than 15 years of medical research, it was being used to treat some of the hardest to heal skin conditions in a medical environment.

"The ingredients came in both a liquid and a powder. I started using the liquid on my skin mixed in with other ingredients, and incorporating the powder with Manuka Honey into my breakfast. It felt like magic to me, my hair falling out reduced dramatically and my skin cleared up. Up until that point I am not sure I really knew what healthy skin actually felt like."

Working with the scientists that developed the original technology, has seen Sub & Tarctic bring a range of products to the market that are designed to improve skin health, as well as provide some impressive immediate effects to how your skin looks and feels. Focused on an ‘inside out and back again’ approach, the range includes a supplement that is a strong competitor to collagen, with impressive research showing it actually builds collagen. Complemented by topical treatments for specific skin concerns in the form of an Eye Gel, Hand & Nail cream, a luxurious Night Cream and Scalp Tonic alongside a capsule KeraNourish that is a fortifying blend for Skin, Hair, Nails and joint health.

Kimberley says "It’s about bringing straightforward solutions to skin care that you can really get the benefit from. Our formulations have been through clinical trials, there’s a long history of medical research supporting what we are doing, and it just makes it easy to do something great for your skin, hair and nails.

Our business is focused on the concept of Protect, Nurture and Replenish. We bring that value to our formulations, to the impact our business has on the environment and the culture within our team.