Sub & Tarctic is a New Zealand-based company producing powerfully simple skin care and supplements from natural sources using patented technologies. The core technologies we utilize involve the extraction and purification of intact fractions of natural proteins and lipids from ethically sourced New Zealand Romney wool sources. 

On A Deeper Level - a synergistic approach capable of going beyond the surface. 

The combination of supplementation and topical creams, coupled with patented biotechnology means Sub&Tarctic works at the dermal-epidermal juncture of skin. 

Scientific data indicates that the BioActive ingredients in Sub&Tarctic can promote the proliferation of skin fibroblast and Keratinocyte cells. Fibroblast cells are responsible for the production of  “structural proteins” called Collagen and Keratinocytes build the outer layer of skin called the epidermis.

Increased production of collagen and increased thickness of the epidermis will result in a change in the micro-architecture of the skin. This translates into a reduction of fine lines and reduction in the depth of wrinkles.

The combination of a topical (cream) with our premium nutraceutical supplement, targets the skin at a deeper level in a cohesive way, with the only ingredient capable of targeting collagen IV, responsible for smooth skin and anchored hair follicles. 

The amino acids, proteins and peptides we use in our range are different to any materials previously used in three important ways:

  1. Individual members of the protein family are isolated separately. As an example the fibrous intermediate filament proteins are isolated separately from the globular matrix proteins. Each has distinct features (size, amino acid profile) and activity. No one has previously been able to purify different fractions in the active form.
  2. The proteins can be maintained intact, with regards to size and amino acid character, and are therefore closer in form and function to human skin, hair, nails and other tissues than any other materials previously produced commercially. 
  3. The amino acid cysteine, the defining feature of our special proteins, is oxidized to cysteic acid, maintaining solubility and stability and the inherent activity that the amino acid cysteine brings to the taurine metabolic pathway.

Why New Zealand Wool:

Pure New Zealand wool is a 100% natural material. Sheep farmed on New Zealand grow a thick fleece of wool to protect themselves from the harsh winter.

This wool is harvested during spring by shearing, which is like a haircut using electronic clippers. Once they have been shorn, the animals return to the fields to continue grazing and raising their young, free of their heavy fleece during the long, hot summer. The fleece grows back in autumn (fall), ready for the coming winter.

No animals are harmed at any stage of the wool harvesting process. Our proteins and peptides are certified vegetarian. Our process begins following the removal of lanolin from the fleece (we use the lanolin in our range too). 

Experts in BioMaterials and BioPolymers have rigorously examined the fibre of the Romney and found very unique functional attributes. This has resulted in the development of a novel biomedical application for wound care, nutritional supplements for joint health, and now an advanced skin, hair and nail line in Sub&Tarctic.

The Romney has rapidly become synonymous with the Human Health and Life-science industry, in the same way that Merino has with the garment and textile industry.