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Beauty Diet - Cellular Energy Immunity Support


What it does:

Premium nutraceutical supplement delivering smoother skin, wrinkle reduction and improvements in acne and skin tone. Glossier hair, improved hair growth and hair structure for less breakage. Stronger, healthier nails and joints. A no-mess capsule delivering the perfect amount of active ingredients for rapid results.

Beauty Diet is a premium nutraceutical supplement that boosts your body's ability to produce the right structural proteins to repair and detoxify. Beauty Diet supports improved physical performance and protects against oxidative stress on the body as well as a reduction in PGE2 production as part of inflammatory cascade.

  • Increase hair growth and improve hair quality
  • Can improve nails, sleep, mood and results in more energy
  • Smoother, more hydrated skin
  • Heals and protects joints
  • Encourages faster collagen production
  • Builds lean muscle 
  • Improves strength, shine, texture, density, manageability, softness, and growth of hair
  • Boosts the body’s master antioxidant to protect against stress
  • Manuka Honey to boost Immunity
  • Vitamin B7 - essential for maintaining the development of white blood cells. These are the defense mechanisms of your immune system.

How it does it:

Provides the right amount of cysteine, a precursor of glutathione - an anti-oxidant prevalent in every cell of the human body, especially the liver. Glutathione defends the body from the effects of premature aging and oxidative damage from stress and pollution. 

  • Stimulates the cellular response to encourage faster cell growth and increased collagen production.
  • Increases lean body mass more effectively than dairy protein.
  • Contributes to healthy rebuilding of muscle tissue through cellular repair 
  • Unique blend of oligopeptides optimized for absorption
  • Concentrated Manuka Honey for Immune support

How to use:

Take 1-2 capsules daily with food. (For severe cases of Telogen Effluvium hair loss or in cases of severe joint pain we recommend taking 2 capsules daily). 

The Science:

  • Taurine important in energy and anti inflammatory pathways. Unique cystine content stimulates taurine pathway
  • Supplementation showed liver taurine levels increased by 26% over a healthy diet (p<0.05), 700% over an unhealthy diet (p<0.05)
  • In vitro study shows reduction in PGE2 production as part of inflammatory cascade
  • Suppressing the prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) response to pro-inflammatory interleukin-1 
  • Analysis of hair follicles using an ex-vivo stdy has shown a strengthening of the anchoring of the follicle into the skin, reducing hair fall and improving hair health
  • Provides the right amount of cysteine, and the right balance of amino acids essential for strong, healthy nail growth
  • Glutathione is the master antioxidant, protecting skin and hair from oxidative stress.
  • Cysteine is essential for glutathione production, cysteine rich supplements can boost glutathione to prevent oxidative stress
  • Ingestions study shows a boost in cysteine metabolism, boosting glutathione synthesis, increasing liver glutathione levels and boosting endogenous antioxidant defense.


Biotin, DFK Glow & DFK Flex Beauty Blend Digestible Functional Keratin Powder, Manuka Honey Powder, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

BeautyDiet is highly bioactive, stable and clinically proven to repair, protect and strengthen hair, skin, nails and provide cellular energy for repair and protection. Look good, feel good, move well. 


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule. Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving


% DV


30 mcg  



75% OKLP™ (Oxidized Keratin Powder)

25% NuPros™ (Functional Keratin Powder)

250 mg


Manuka Honey Powder 

150 mg


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

100 mg


*Daily Value (DV) not established.

 Allergens: Contains honey, milk and soy

No Additives, Fillers or Dyes.


* products are tested by independent laboratories and results quoted are statistical means from scientifically conducted human volunteer trials with actual product formulations.

  • Promotes stronger hair follicles by boosting anchoring of follicles in the scalp  
  • Encourages faster collagen production and skin cell growth
  • Boosts structural collagen
  • Protects against skin and tissue inflammation
  • Protects against free radical skin damage
  • Protects the gut by maintaining strong gut health as a result of a healthy microbiome
  • 160% increase in skin cell turn-over
  • promotes wrinkle reduction by building the dermal (top layer of skin) and epidermal (next layer) junction

Why Keratin? For Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

The outermost and visible layer of your skin is composed mostly of the protein keratin, and within every cell in the skin keratin is responsible for keeping the cell functioning well. Over the last few years high profile medical research has shown that keratin protein plays a critical role in healing and cellular renewal within the skin tissue. This is important because skin cell metabolism and function slows down as we age.

The role of keratin protein is both immediate and long term. Initially, the intact keratin protein forms a well-organized layer on the skin surface that lifts and tightens the skin, which gives an immediate increase in skin smoothness. Ongoing use delivers keratin to the skin cells to help develop healthy skin structure, leading to less puffiness and long term radiant, smooth and healthy skin.

Our Bio-active Keratin Stimulates Collagen Production

The keratin we use within our formulations is sustainably sourced, bio-available and shown to stimulate collagen. In research completed by the University of Miami, skin cells made more collagen 4 (C4) and collagen 7 (C7) in the presence of this keratin. C4 and C7 build and strengthen the dermal-epidermal junction; the two layers of the skin that join together to keep skin smooth and firm.

Recent scientific publications into the biological function of keratin have highlighted its importance for healthy skin and healing. Beyond using a unique bio-active form, produced eco-consciously using patented processes regulated to international quality standards, and proven as safe by international standards of testing (RIPT, Ames, HETCAM, EpiDerm).

Biological Skin Effects  of our Bio-active Sustainable Keratin

  1. Moisturisation – building skin structure to improve moisturisation, with increased cell proliferation leading to hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis.
  2. Anti-oxidant protection – boosting the body’s master anti-oxidant glutathione to protect cells from within.
  3. Calms redness and irritation – through the suppression of prostaglandin E2

So Skin Appears;

  • Smooth, Plump & Firm Skin for a Youthful Glow
  • With less fine lines and wrinkles

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